Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cult for indie

I love eBay!!! I have been a member since 2001 and have just been impressed by the scope of stuff available. My favorite searches are on shoes, apparel, and jewelry. One of my favorite sellers is "Indie Cult Vintage". All items are hard-to-find, stylish, and well merchandised. The seller takes great care in photographing the items which makes bidding such a pleasure! Check the Indie Cult Vintage eBay store at []. Some of the current items available for bid attached as photos.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting organized with the skinny

Like most who live on the island of Manhattan, storage space is a premium. I had a wall of custom closets built in my bedroom but since I'm a clothes horse it still was not enough. I recently upgraded my hangers (the plastic kind) to these Ultra Slim Black Flocked hanger set from Bed Bath & Beyond. They are simply the best because these hangers actually create more room in the closet. I will never go back.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let the music play

Digital music has gone beyond iTunes --- the hype nowadays is all about great editorial, discovery, and music on-demand. MP3 blogs are on the rise - not all of them good but there are a few gems in the mix. One of my favorites is a must-visit. DJ Eli Escobar knows his stuff and his blog celebrates generations past - soul, funk, house, hip hop; you name it, he knows it and has it. He posts great music which can be downloaded in open MP3 format. Check his blog out and get Justin Timberlake's Lovestoned - not the original but the remix by Justice which is unparalleled. Turn it up! []

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Old school correspondence

I am a *huge* fan of old-fashioned correspondence and am constantly building up my stationery collection. Although I live a wired life, loving the efficiency that my digital obsessions bring me, I still recognize that the personal touch matters even more in a world that functions on 1s and 0s. As part of this old-school devotion, I recently came across these awesome self-inking stamps that you can customize as you wish for use on cards or envelopes. I'm buying one myself to serve as a return address. Check it out on PSA Essential's website []. Other vendors which sell these stamps include Noteworthy Notes [] or the traditional favorite Kate's Paperie.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Membership has its privileges

Modeled after a similar business in France, the Gilt Group [] is a NYC-based online sample sale focused on premium luxury brands. Gilt launched in November 2007 with some big headliners like Zac Posen and Rachel Roy. The team behind Gilt is also marketing savvy --- the online sample sales (which last for 24 hours at a time per designer accompanied by design reels) are *only* accessible to Gilt members. With an invitation, you can sign up and gain membership to the coveted sales. I am already a devotee, having made my first purchase a beautiful piece by Alessandro Dell'Acqua; it arrived in a beautifully packaged gift box that screams "you deserve it". You can email Gilt to ask about membership or a friend who's in can refer you, but you can also click on the following links to get your membership, made possible by the NY Tech Meetup group and the Fashion-y Blog respectively: [] and [] --- scroll to the Jan. 9 entry. Don't wait too long to sign up...sales this week include: Sari Gueron, Erin Snow, and Downtown Mix.

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An Esty find

I continue to be amazed by the creativity out there. Etsy [] is a site where I can just get lost for hours; it's like a treasure trove of items for every dimension of life, handcrafted by creative geniuses! In my most recent search, I came across Sidney Ann House of Design; she crafts her own line of lifetsyle goods. I was especially drawn to her goldfish coaster set as I've been looking for good looking coasters for awhile and think that I have finally hit it! Check out Sidney Ann at Esty []

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Marc goes geometric

Marc as in Marc Jacobs....I promised myself that after the Christmas craze of last December, I'd close my purse and not make another purchase for *awhile*. But when I saw this dress at Shopbop[], I was jolted. How could I deny the color mix and the geometric beauty? And then when I saw the dress on actress Rashida Jones in her latest feature in Domino Magazine about decorating her 400 sq. foot studio in NYC's Greenwich Village[], I just relented. So I bought this Night Blossom dress yesterday (I had a gift certificate to Shopbop so that helped relieve me a bit). Plan to break this one out as soon as I can to give the pale winter some color!


Friday, January 11, 2008

All things Danish

Whether it's visiting Helena Christensen's Butik in the west village [] or reading Urban Daddy's latest report on Bruun Bazaar designs landing in NYC [], the Danish aesthetic is clearly part of NYC home style. If you're a fan, there's a seller who's consistently on Craigslist NYC who just keeps the good stuff coming (and at great prices). I actually purchased a great dresser/bureau from him a few months ago. Here's one sample of what he's selling....a super friendly guy who delivers to your door. Search under the keyword "danish" or " ZZ908-313-4212".

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A little shade goes a long way...

I have long been a fan of Brooklyn-based BDDW's furniture designs; not only because the pieces are handcrafted but also the designs are just plain good. I love their modern aesthetic but the designs never leave you feeling cold; in fact, you feel as if they understand what has come before - design informed by history. My latest craving is their Tripod Lamp. Got to get myself down to their Soho location as I am in sore need of some floor-based lighting!

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