Monday, June 2, 2008

Nature at its best

I'm a little late with my post Memorial Day holiday posting but I wanted to share two beautiful photos for the record. Drove from NYC up to Vermont and had an incredible time drinking in nature along the way. End point: Lake Champlain --- I had no idea that a portion of Lake Champlain is situated in Vermont!! Surprisingly, the coast of the lake on the Vermont side is not very developed. Couple of small farm houses on big pieces of land but none of the fancy stuff you'd expect. There was a small road off the main one we were driving on called Adam's Ferry. Narrow and winding, we ended up in this little patch where you could literally have driven into the lake. It was so beautiful. The water was amazing and cool to the touch, the view unblocked.

There was this beautiful tree located at the water's edge and its robust roots just reached so delicately into the water.

Being close to a lake is definitely one of my top-tens for summer.

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