Saturday, June 21, 2008

Secondhand becomes firsthand

A sagging U.S. economy is old news these days. I'm well accustomed to my London friends basking in the glory of the exchange rate during a NYC shopping visit. Can't say that I blame them; in fact, I admit, I am envious. Lucky for me, NYC boasts a plethora of consignment shops. They have always resided in shoppers' consciousness somewhere but now with a sagging economy, these boutiques are the place to go. Ina, Michael's, etc. are not only purveyors of shopping delight but also soothers of our economic conscience.
Photo courtesy of New York Times

Some of these shops only do business at their retail locations, but fear not, eBay is full of great secondhand boutiques. One of my favorites is Decades Two. This boutique is based in LA but offers a beautiful assortment of designer labels (often vintage) through eBay. Louis Vuitton, Blumarine, Valentino, McQueen...the list goes on. You'll get the same high-end stuff but your bank account will thank you.


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