Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Um, I made you a mix and I hope you like it...

The first mix I ever got was when I was in 7th grade. I was in love with this boy whom I met the year before as a sixth grader (I then proceeded to have a crush on him until my first year in college). I remember how proud he was when he unzipped his LL Bean backpack and produced a cassette tape with a label with my name on it. My heart fluttered. Now that I'm remembering that moment, there were some good songs ranging from New Order, to Depeche Mode, to Milli Vanilli (!)...

Giving people mixes as a demonstration of one's affections has fallen to the wayside with the onslaught of technology. But, luckily, a music lover/genius has founded Muxtape, an online destination where you create MP3 based mixes from your own collection. Your mixes are then streamable and the template provides links to buy the actual MP3s at Amazon' MP3 store. What's also great about Muxtape is that you can then send a link to your friends with a personalized mix name like "amacordlife.muxtape.com".
I also love the interface; each mix is denoted with the username and a color. Super easy unlike some of the other online music services. And it really gets at the heart of why music is so great --- it's great because we can share beats and melodies with others to spread the joy.

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