Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Please give Burial a won't regret it!

Even though it's super late in NYC and I should be off my computer, I am just so excited to share news about an artist/producer whom I sincerely respect and just can't get enough of. Classified as "dub step", Burial is an artist from south London and his music is at once complex, ethereal, melodic, and haunting. It just continues to prove that electronic music synchronizes with human emotion. Layered on Burial's beats are various female and male voices that add so much. For awhile, Burial's true identity remained under wraps but just this week, Will Bevan has come forward on his MySpace profile to share his identity. I really respect him because he is truly about the music and not about notoriety. One of my favorite tracks is "Archangel" (downloadable via the link). If you want to sample, check out the links below and you surely won't regret it. This is *real* music and the kind that should be made.

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