Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jessica Stam's "jewel tone paradise"

In this month's issue of Elle Decor, the NYC home of model Jessica Stam (of whom Marc Jacobs' "Stam" bag was named after) comes to life. Described as a "jewel toned paradise", the East Village apartment was designed by Rafael DeCardenas, who indeed has an eye for feminine grace.
Photo courtesy of Elle Decor
While I admire the beauty of the proportions and the mix of high-fi and lo-fi (several pieces were purchased off of eBay), the setting seems a bit removed. I think I prefer a space that is just as edgy but a bit more cozy. It's hard for me to imagine curling up in this space with a pile of magazines or a good book. What do you think?
Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

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