Thursday, November 20, 2008

My coveted eBay find

I just won an eBay auction for this awesome vintage, 60s/70s, gold enamel necklace that I've been watching for days. I only spent $9.00 for it! Here it is:
My beautiful "Cleopatra" necklace for $9.00

The funny thing is while I have been watching the auction, I came across a JC Report posting of a beautiful "Tux" necklace by designer Nicole Romano which is for sale on Vivre for $215. Here:
Nicole Romano's Tux Necklace for $215.00

Definitely very beautiful, but I think my little eBay find holds up pretty well in comparison!

P.S. That all said, I am digging Nicole Romano's stuff -- not badly priced in the grand scheme of's another one that looks pretty niiiice:
Nicole Romano's Lavendar Fringe Necklace for $200

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