Monday, September 21, 2009

Front row at Topshop

So Fashion Week has wielded its storm on NYC and has now hit the other side. LFW kicks off! No denying the genius of Sir Phillip Green. He doesn't look like he gets fashion but he's hit the sweet spot among females who seek for that perfect mix of high and low. I do think you can get interesting results from this approach but I am tired of people saying that is their personal style philosophy. Can we please come up with something else?

Anyway, Topshop had their show in honor of LFW and this front row scene is pretty good. Ms. Alexa Chung, now a U.S. veejay (who would've thunk) with her fellow MTV star, Ms. Olivia Palermo. I was wondering what their conversation could possibly consist of?!? Maybe, I am too, taken in by Alexa's British accents. They always sound so much smarter over there. BTW, if you want to check out Alexa's daily style on MTV, you can check out the now frequently updated
Style blog on MTV.
Front row at Topshop
Source: RDuJour

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