Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eileen Fisher's facelift

NYT did a great piece on Eileen Fisher in the Style section today. My mom has been a fan for many years of the flowy silhouettes and the comfort and texture of the materials Ms. Fisher uses. Growing up in my teens I think I had naturally associated Eileen Fisher with my mom and her generation (though I always thought my mama had a great sense of style). After reading this article, I'm glad that she is trying to bring the brand back into the spotlight again because I do think that a lot of her stuff has relevance to the fashion styling of today. In fact, some of her pieces look like the styling of La Garconne which I just love. It's actually quite French --- flowy pieces that get layered, accented with an unexpected belt or pop of color. I think these two accessories would be great for the current fall/winter season.

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