Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fashionair.com Lifts Off

There are tons and tons of fashion sites out now that try to be the one-stop shop for news, products, editorial, social media/community, and on and on.  For me the jury is still out on sites like Stylecaster but I do respect what they're trying to do (in some cases, I just feel like they're trying to do too much).  FashionAir is the newest entrant; owned by 19 Entertainment of American Idol fame and managed by Simon Fuller and Sojin Lee, who previously worked at Net-a-Porter.  You can certainly see the Net-a-Porter aesthetic on FashionAir: content skews heavily towards video, the hourglass substituted by a trio sketch of fashionable ladies, and the move towards a merge of editorial with commerce.

 Sojin Lee, Co-Founder Fashionair.com
Source: Fashionair.com

My favorite feature of the site is their "7 Days of Chic" where they feature the 7 outfits of a fashionable lady.  Two of my favorite videos are from two designers: Saloni Lodha and Mira Mikati.  Saloni hails from India and is a design upstart whose market is primarily in the UK. I met her at her trunk show in NYC during this past fashion week and she is indeed quite chic, graceful, and stylish.

Saloni Lodha
Source: ScreenIndia.com

Mira leaves me speechless. I love her urban feminine look. Very French and super laid back. Not to mention her Lebanese/French accent! Check out Mira's 7 outfits.

Mira Mikati
Source: DiaDiwan.com

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