Sunday, January 24, 2010

KNOW || FASHION: My new favorite site:

I love coming across new websites either through friends' recommendations or weekend afternoon hours meandering on the internet.  While reading one of my favorite fashion/style blogs by Marion, I came across Madmoizelle, a french video site featuring content from all categories.  In particular, the style category is really great. If you love French girls' style, here you can see a lot of these young ladies live --- although many of them are under 25, they seem so mature --- the beautiful French language doesn't hurt!  Check out Marion's segment below as she showcases her Jerome Dreyfuss satchel (husband of Isabel Marant).

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Friday, January 22, 2010

INSPIRED || RELATIONSHIPS: Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl modern love interview with Elle

Putting aside her character from MTV's The City and some of the lore that has been built up over time, Olivia Palermo showcases a very natural and sweet personality in this video interview from Elle's February issue's feature on "modern love". Her partner, Johannes Huebl, also seems quite humble and generally forthright in this clip. I don't get a sense of any posturing or self-consciousness. They look very comfortable and cute with each other --- an ode to love generally, modern or otherwise! Goes to show that we are all human when it comes down to it; once you strip away the exterior layers, we are very much all the same!
Elle's couple of modern love
Source: Patric McMullan via

Also, check out Fashion Air's interview with Olivia about her favorite NYC spots

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Monday, January 18, 2010

More street style gets published

(Source: Yvan Rodic)
I'm very excited to flip through Facehunter's new book which will be available on April 1 (pre-order on Amazon available). Author Yvan Rodic who has kept up his own blog and the Facehunter blog at the same time, has gotten to publish all of his great shots. While digital has replaced the physical, there is something really thrilling about seeing your work in a printed copy, I'd imagine.  Right now, Rodic's personal blog is an amazing "visual diary" of places visited around the world.

Another upcoming published work that will be celebarating street style is Street Style Memory Game by Barbara Iweins. I have not come across Iweins before, but a quick Google search surfaced what I believe to be her blog chronicling street style shots (makes sense!). Au coins de ma rue is well-done, and I'm so happy to add it to my list of street style blogs that I turn to every day for inspiration.  Available March 2010.

Source: BIS Publishers

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Monday, January 11, 2010

London Times fashion coverage

Of all the *formal* sources of style and fashion news, I find myself reading the UK Times' fashion coverage on a regular basis.  The writing is thoughtful, European in style, and eye-opening. I also have a RSS feed into the Times' fashion tweets which I peruse at least once a day.  Right now, some insight into the hype around being a professional stylist, the rise of ethical fashion (we shouldn't forget about ethical attitudes - not just related to material sourcing but how we carry ourselves as human beings; read: never underestimate the importance of humility and treating everyone equally), and a profile on Australian designer Yeojin Bae.

Photo galleries are nicely done too!

Source: Times Online, Zac Frackelton

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

BUY || WEAR: Knock your socks off

I have a no-shoe policy at home in my effort to keep things clean. Trekking through NYC streets is always hazardous and you never know what you bring in! I gladly kick off the shoes when I arrive at home and never care what's on my feet.  Going to friends' homes who have the same no-shoe policy, however, makes me nervous! What socks am I wearing? The one with the hole in the big toe? The one with tattered heels? So, now I not only focus on nice tights but lovely pairs of socks! I came across Happy Socks last Christmas and am now a devoted shopper. At $10/pair with what feels like an unlimited assortment to choose from, I never think twice about the no-shoe policy. Here are a few of my current favorites:


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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

KNOW || SCIENCE: NYT covers A Guide to the Cosmos

If you're as fascinated by the universe as I am, then you will love these photos that have been graciously compiled in Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle by Michael Benson. New York Times just did a piece in its Science section about Benson's work and added in a gorgeous slideshow filled with 16 photos of nebulas and galaxies. I've captured a few here. I've added the book to my Amazon wish list and have saved these beauties for future desktop backgrounds. The universe is so glorious and nothing is as beautiful as that is left to nature.

“Eternity is in love with the productions of time.”  --- William Blake

Pelican Nebula

Rosette Nebula

Andromeda Galaxy

Witch Head Nebula

Source: All photos taken from New York TImes and its documented sources

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sade returns

Sade. Soldier of Love. Enough said. Album drops February 8, 2010.


P.S. Happy New Year!