Monday, January 18, 2010

More street style gets published

(Source: Yvan Rodic)
I'm very excited to flip through Facehunter's new book which will be available on April 1 (pre-order on Amazon available). Author Yvan Rodic who has kept up his own blog and the Facehunter blog at the same time, has gotten to publish all of his great shots. While digital has replaced the physical, there is something really thrilling about seeing your work in a printed copy, I'd imagine.  Right now, Rodic's personal blog is an amazing "visual diary" of places visited around the world.

Another upcoming published work that will be celebarating street style is Street Style Memory Game by Barbara Iweins. I have not come across Iweins before, but a quick Google search surfaced what I believe to be her blog chronicling street style shots (makes sense!). Au coins de ma rue is well-done, and I'm so happy to add it to my list of street style blogs that I turn to every day for inspiration.  Available March 2010.

Source: BIS Publishers

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