Thursday, February 11, 2010

BUY || ADORN: I love Taiana Geifer

So, I recently swooped into Jumelle, a lovely boutique in Brooklyn right off the L train, to get my Taiana Geifer scarf. I had been following Taiana's unique felted merino scarves for awhile (read about Taiana here, here, and about her designer boyfriend Paris Kain) but could not find it at any online or NYC-based boutiques, despite it being mentioned that Maxfield in LA carried her line. I was so happy to find that this 21 year old's (so young and talented!) fine creations were just a train ride away. I have been so pleased with my purchase --- not only does the felt scarf keep me warm and protected against the NYC cold, it's like wearing the most unique dreadlock necklace that no one else has. I've paired it with everything I have so far and can't get enough. Looks like Jumelle still has them available but go soon as the boutique is having a clearance sale right now.
Designer Taiana Geifer
Source: New York Times, by Paris Kain


Taiana's scarf designs

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