Thursday, February 25, 2010

INSPIRED || STYLE: Sisterly bonds

I come from sisterhood --- growing up, it was my sister, 5 years my junior, and me learning about the world. Fond memories of constructing imaginary forts in the family room and throwing our mother's lingerie onto the dining room chandelier remain vibrant in my mind.  Now that we are both adults, I see my little sister as a peer and friend --- and not to mention as a figure of style inspiration for me. Whenever I see her there is one interesting detail that provokes the imagination.  So when I came across the two pairs of sisters in recent editorial, I was immediately drawn.

First up: Phoebe and Annette Stephens, the design duo behind jewelry line Anndra Neen. A supremely elegant pair with a distinct point of view having been raised in Mexico City among artistst; not surprising at all if you are familiar with their designs. Refinery29 recently did a wonderful write-up on the Stephens sisters with beautiful visuals that showcase not only their jewelry line (mangled metal never looked so good) but their own personal style on body and in home.
Phoebe and Annette Stephens at their home in Gramercy Park
Source: Refinery29

Source: Refinery29

Annette Stephens
Source: Refinery29

More coverage on the Stephens sisters here and here.

Next up: The Thompson sisters are another inspirational pair - particularly in their sense for interior design. Daughters of artist Elizabeth Thompson, Victoria is a television producer and Antonia is a consultant at Robert Burke Associates, a consulting firm focused on the luxury market.  LonNY magazine's recent issue featured a 30+ page spread on the sisters' apartments which happen to be right next to each other in the same building.For so young a pair, the Thompson sisters' have a distinct point of view, succeeding at the proverbial high-low mix. Check out the LonNY feature - also because you can link to places where the Thompsons purchased items from their home via embedded shopping links! Check out Caldwell's Home feature here.

Victoria and Antonia Thompson
Source: LonNY

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