Monday, March 1, 2010

BUY || WEAR & ADORN: Best indie e-commerce sites

Check out the following links to my take on the best indie e-commerce sites for fashion and accessories. They are all relatively under-the-radar and for this reason probably are able to merchandise a unique set of items --- when an audience is relatively self-selected, merchandising tends to follow suit. Photos are of my favorite picks of the moment.

Need Supply
Who says sophisticated, in-season design can't be affordable? Floral dresses, clogs galore, body-con LBDS, this Virginia-based e-commerce store has it all.
Cage Dress - $98!

 Downtown Suede Bootie - just like Dries Van Noten would've done - $99!
Flat Stud Drawstring Bag - $72!

The last time I heard of SSWTR was probably from my parents in elementary school when I was just learning how to lose and share. This ever-enduring adage has been repurposed - the long URL is worth typing out. Taking a "diary" approach to merchandising, SSWTR seeks to present fresh pieces on a frequent basis so as to keep up with the true spirit of creativity --- things change. There are 20 categories of items ranging from the white t-shirt to evening to rainwear. The presentation is so unique! Rollover the forms of the items and in return you will see the item smartly worn by a human. Incredibly creative and a breath of fresh air.
Source: SSWTR
Taking a text-based approach to site design, SSU offers an eclectic assortment of fashion and home items. You navigate down a lefthand menu of brands organized into "women/men", "object", and "print". Take time to enjoy the selection, ranging from Arielle de Pinto, Electric Feathers, Elena Estaun, to Cosmic Wonder Free Press. 

Interchanegably fashion designers and artists, the L.A. label has really captured my imagination. At once delicate and gritty; willowy and strong. I have too many favorites!



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