Thursday, March 4, 2010

KNOW || READ: by Yaffa Assouline

Yaffa Assouline has launched a beautiful website that celebrates the art of living well. Sign up for email updates and you will always find something super interesting to discover. Although there is no shortage of content sites focused on luxury, Ms. Assouline's depth of experience in this space shows.

Ms. Assouline's bio, courtesy of Amazon
"Yaffa Assouline is an innovator in luxury communications, consulting and made-to-measure publishing. She developed the first in-flight consumer magazine, Air France Madame, before creating customized books, magazines and advertising campaigns for leading brands such as Cartier, Christies, Dior, Chanel, Zenith, Veuve Cliquot, the Ritz and the Dorchester Group. For over 25 years, Assouline has captured the luxury industry as a journalist, creative director and custom publisher. Today she brings her exceptional insight to luxury online through the pioneering magazine, LuxuryCulture.Com, described by insiders as the bible of the luxury world."

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