Tuesday, April 27, 2010

KNOW || READ: Don't let the PowerPoint frame your thoughts

This NYT article, We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint, that appeared yesterday is worth a read. Not only are there some very humorous elements, but the critique of one of the most popular Microsoft Office programs, PowerPoint, is also very on point.  Apparently the U.S. military goes crazy with PowerPoint use, spending untold amounts of time on communicating complex military strategy abroad on a couple of slides. I've been there and done that and know how frustrating it can be.  It's a reminder to never let the tools we use for communication to limit our thoughts...

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

INSPIRED || ART: Jen Bekman Gallery

Living in the LES neighborhood of NYC, I walk to the adjacent neighborhoods of Nolita and Soho all the time. In my travels to Nolita, crossing Bowery onto Spring, I've walked past the Jen Bekman Gallery tons of times. It wasn't until perusing a recent issue of Lonny Magazine that I realized how unique the gallery is!  Bekman's gallery runs a site called 20x200 where you can purchase a variety of art pieces ranging from mixed media, photographs, to paintings at great prices. You can buy pieces of art for as little as $20. What I love about this creation is that it underscores the fundamental meaning of art: it's not about how much it is or how famous it is; it's about what it means to you personally.  My browsing on this site has revealed so many pieces that I'd love have. Take a look and get lost!

Here are some of my favorites:

Pay a visit to the gallery at 6 Spring St. [map]

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

INSPIRED || STYLE: The ladies of Sass & Bide

Fashionair just did a great video piece on the ladies behind Sass & Bide. Check it out.  I loved how they described their design aesthetic as strength in beauty...it's very true if you look at their latest collection from London Fashion Week - "Tomorrow The Great".

See Heidi Middleton and Sarah Jane Clarke speak about their design philosophy.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BUY || ADORN: Darcy Miro for Unholy Matrimony

I have been an avid browser of FarFetch since it launched last year; its aggregation of European and American boutiques onto one site is a pretty fantastic idea.  One brand that recently caught my eye is Darcy Miro's collection for Unholy Matrimony.  Miro's design style, in of itself, is something to be savored.  When you see her pieces, you feel like you've taken a slab of nature (a rock, a fossil, something that's been forming for millions and millions of years) and adorned yourself with it. Her designs are real, earthy, and unpredictable. I am not only enamored with the texture of her jewelry but also the non-linear outlines. FarFetch has an incredible collection --- prices are not cheap but when you're buying one-of-a-kind pieces that bring a piece of the earth home, what can you expect? Here are some of my favorites:

Who is Darcy Miro? Take a look at a great video from StyleLikeU where Darcy explains her personal style philosophy and the thinking behind her designs (side note: I love these videos --- it's pretty informative to read an interview or see a photo of someone, but you attain a whole new level of understanding when you can hear an artist speak, see their body language.)

Darcy Miro from Stylelikeu.com from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

KNOW || WATCH: On the job with Patrick McMullan

I just came across a NYT article and video that stories the man behind the name of Patrick McMullan, society's party photographer (he's been out and about since the 80s!). If you ever Google for someone's name, it is highly probable that one of the search results will link to PM's site, chronicling countless evening events from the well-known to the layman. McMullan explains why he likes what he does and why he's good at --- check it out.
Patrick McMullan
Source: New York Times

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

INSPIRED || STYLE: Vogue Italy showcases its spotlight content on Shala Monroque, Nicola Vassel, Genevieve Jones, Ovo Drenth, &Tolula Adeyemi

I love visiting the websites of the international counterparts to U.S. fashion titles to get a better sense of what is happening in other fashion geographies. In most cases, while there is a different voice,  the actual site layout and topical content have significant overlap.  Vogue's Italian counterpart, though, seems to chart its own path with a completely different look and feel and contributes some very interesting fashion coverage. Case in point: Vogue Italy has a "Vogue Black" section of its website that celebrates artistic talents in the black community from all over the world. In their "Spotlight" section, five beautiful women are featured: Shala Monroque, Nicola Vassell, Genevieve Jones, Ovo Drenth, and Tolula Adeyemi. While brief, the video interviews gives the viewer a pretty good sense of each woman's personality and approach to their lives.  I find Shala's interview to be refreshing --- despite her ascendancy into the socialite spotlight and high-end fashion and art circles she talks about the time that she was working at the Thompson Hotel as a hostess.

Links to 3 of the 5 interviews below:

 Shala's interview here

Nicola's interview here

Genevieve's interview here

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

INSPIRED || STYLE: Isabel Marant store opening ANY day now

Racked reports that the Isabel Marant store will be opening imminently. On opening day: long lines? Very possible. A sighting of Ms. Marant and her other half, Jerome Dreyfuss? We can all hope!
French designer couple extraordinaire, Marant & Dreyfuss
Source: Jalouse

The new Isabel Marant store in Soho
Source: Racked

I just bought these spring Isabel Marant printed pants from Maryam Nassir Zadeh!!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

INSPIRED || ART: The 798 Space in Beijing

One of the highlights of my trip to Beijing was my day-long visit to the 798 Space in the northeast area of the Chaoyang district.  What used to be an old manufacturing center comprised of countless alleys and warehouse structures, has transformed into Beijing's center for contemporary art. Intermingled with the galleries are little teahouses, coffee shops, bookshops, and clothing stores. I was just so amazed by the energy of the scene and the devotion to artistic expression. Each gallery celebrated something different and had its own vibe. I could have probably spent a 2nd and 3rd day there because there were so many exhibits to see.

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