Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BUY || ADORN: Darcy Miro for Unholy Matrimony

I have been an avid browser of FarFetch since it launched last year; its aggregation of European and American boutiques onto one site is a pretty fantastic idea.  One brand that recently caught my eye is Darcy Miro's collection for Unholy Matrimony.  Miro's design style, in of itself, is something to be savored.  When you see her pieces, you feel like you've taken a slab of nature (a rock, a fossil, something that's been forming for millions and millions of years) and adorned yourself with it. Her designs are real, earthy, and unpredictable. I am not only enamored with the texture of her jewelry but also the non-linear outlines. FarFetch has an incredible collection --- prices are not cheap but when you're buying one-of-a-kind pieces that bring a piece of the earth home, what can you expect? Here are some of my favorites:

Who is Darcy Miro? Take a look at a great video from StyleLikeU where Darcy explains her personal style philosophy and the thinking behind her designs (side note: I love these videos --- it's pretty informative to read an interview or see a photo of someone, but you attain a whole new level of understanding when you can hear an artist speak, see their body language.)

Darcy Miro from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

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