Thursday, April 8, 2010

INSPIRED || STYLE: Vogue Italy showcases its spotlight content on Shala Monroque, Nicola Vassel, Genevieve Jones, Ovo Drenth, &Tolula Adeyemi

I love visiting the websites of the international counterparts to U.S. fashion titles to get a better sense of what is happening in other fashion geographies. In most cases, while there is a different voice,  the actual site layout and topical content have significant overlap.  Vogue's Italian counterpart, though, seems to chart its own path with a completely different look and feel and contributes some very interesting fashion coverage. Case in point: Vogue Italy has a "Vogue Black" section of its website that celebrates artistic talents in the black community from all over the world. In their "Spotlight" section, five beautiful women are featured: Shala Monroque, Nicola Vassell, Genevieve Jones, Ovo Drenth, and Tolula Adeyemi. While brief, the video interviews gives the viewer a pretty good sense of each woman's personality and approach to their lives.  I find Shala's interview to be refreshing --- despite her ascendancy into the socialite spotlight and high-end fashion and art circles she talks about the time that she was working at the Thompson Hotel as a hostess.

Links to 3 of the 5 interviews below:

 Shala's interview here

Nicola's interview here

Genevieve's interview here

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