Saturday, June 12, 2010

INSPIRED || TRAVEL: What was in my travel bag on Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day 2010 --- came and went like most holidays. Although only 2 weeks ago, already feels like a lifetime. I've been meaning to make this post not only because I want to talk holiday (my favorite topic) but also give some love to Saranac Lake, NY.  A five hour drive from Manhattan, the Adirondacks, of which Saranac Lake is a part, are just AMAZING (six million acres of parkland!). You are surrounded by nature - you can hear the rustle of the leaves, the chirp of a bird, and the soft hum of a nearby motorist. I really felt at peace - the drive was amazing. Sometimes you felt like you were driving through a mountain.  I highly recommend it.

The best place to stay is the Mirror Lake Inn which is located in Lake Placid, NY proper. Lake Placid has been home to two of the Winter Olympics and still has training facilities. Mirror Lake Inn (which sits on Mirror Lake, not Lake Placid) is probably most beautiful in the winter especially around the holidays but pretty wonderful in the spring/summer as well.

What you must do if you go up there is rent a boat -- a little fishing boat is just fine although there are more fancy boats to rent as well. Go to Ampersand Bay and take the boat out onto Lower Saranac Lake. Stop at any one of the dozens of islands on the lake --- pick a private spot --- lay down your picnic blanket and your spread. You won't regret it! When we went, we dove into the waters, lay on the rocks for the sun to dry us off and had a yummy lunch of sandwiches from a local deli. Definitely worth the trip.

Oh, so back to the title of this post! Here are some of the main items in my travel bag for the boat ride:
1. Steven Alan beach blanket
2. Helmut Lang cardigan
3. Necklaces: Arielle de Pinto long chain & Manu foil
4. Panama Jack straw hat
5. Lightweight cotton scarf
6. Miu Miu leather sandals

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