Thursday, June 17, 2010

KNOW || LINKS OF THE WEEK: What I found interesting

~ Luxury porta-potties @ Cannes. [via Luxist]

~ Some "...guys get like a Fu Manchu on their backs..." - the new quest for the hairless torso. [via NYT]

~ From Deadwood to Mad Men, stylist Janie Bryant is the true clothes, no story.[via WSJ Magazine]

~ A piece of Steinbeck's Eden [via Art Daily]

~ Goop to Naag, where do these names come from? [via Fader]

~ The real Pamela Love [via Stylelikeu]

~ If the Assembly team is behind it, then you've gotta believe that Everybody's Going To Heaven [via Racked]

~ I just love Jeffrey Eugenides [via New Yorker]

~ Lonny Magazine's new issue is out [via Lonny]

~ Can Moleskine please make a cover for the iPad? [via Moleskine]



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